Pocketful Templates? Uh… what?

Lovingly designed templates that make your content look amazing

Are Pocketful Templates right for you or your business?
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What can I do with a template?

Templates are an extremely flexible way to display long form content on the web.

We can take 100s of pages of content and match each section with a perfect template to make it look amazing on all screen sizes.

Perfect for:
eBooks, Magazines, Text Books, News Articles, Blog Posts, Instruction Manuals, Power Point Slides, Teacher Guides, promotional sites and oh so much more.

Can I read this eBook on my phone?
Sure thing!


Just a tiny smattering of what our templates can do

Novel Template Thumbnail

Novel Template

Kids Template Thumbnail

Kids Template

Information Template Thumbnail

Information Template

Cooking Template Thumbnail

Cooking Template

How do I make a template?

It’s as easy as:

We have 100s of pages of content to put online
Not a problem!


I want to keep 100% ownership of my content
But do I have to trap my content in a
proprietary system or CMS?
Not at all, in fact you can host it yourself

The fine print

you own all of the content icon

You own all of
your content

no proprietary code icon

No Proprietary

Open Source Technologies icon

Only the best of
open source

support local development icon

Support local


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